Our Mission & Vision

The Red Barn is a place for teens to connect.  Our mission is to be a safe, welcoming place for Key Peninsula teens to recreate, socialize, find guidance, develop positive relationships and become community minded citizens.  The Red Barn is a wholesome, supervised place for children to go during the week, a place that bolsters body, mind and spirit, and where youth from all backgrounds will experience friendship and demonstration of God’s love. The Red Barn will be operated in accordance with Christian values and principles. Young people of all backgrounds are welcome.

The Red Barn offers:

  • A safe, secure social venue for youth
  • Sports, games, healthy activity for youth
  • A place to finish homework after school
  • Encouragement, mature guidance from caring adults, spiritual insight, life changing relationships
  • A help for busy parents and an opportunity for service


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15921 84th Street KPN,  Lakebay, WA  98349  Ph: 253.884.1594  Web: www.RedBarnkp.org
Mailing Address: PO BOX 1032, Vaughn, WA 98394