We are looking for activities and are open to suggestions, as well as volunteers to help with these activities.
Please let us know what you would like to see happen at the Red Barn.
Here are some of the activities we have had in the past:
Cooking Classes with Ann-Marie Ugles
The Red Barn Youth Center offers students grades 6-12 the opportunity to learn how to make foreign and culture related foods every Friday. Anna-Marie brings tons of supplies for the meals she prepares, then step-by-step shows the students how to create these foods. After she feels they understand how to do so, she steps behind the counter and watches the magic happen, as the students prepare the foods on their own.
Friday March 3rd, 2017 – Summer Rolls
Friday March 10th, 2017 – Lettuce Tacos
Red Barn Students Preparing Summer Rolls During Cooking Class

Harbor Wildwatch

Rachel and Stena 


Leadership – Make a Difference

The Red Barn Youth Center offers students grades 6-12 a chance to partake in the leadership group known as Make a Difference. The leadership group focuses on three main objectives, engage, develop and serve. Engagement is practiced by engaging students on an issue or problem going on in their community or the communities around them. The students then develop a strategy that may help solve or overcome the specific issue or problem being faced. After creating a plan, the group may then go out into the community and serve, putting their words to actions and bettering the community and neighbors of the Key Peninsula.
So far, the leadership group has participated in:
– The Key Peninsula Haunted Hayride
– Creating necessity bags for homeless teens in Tacoma
– Created an anti-bully campaign for The Red Barn

Leadership Prepares Goodies For Tacoma’s Homeless Teens

Cooking Class Preparing Summer Rolls

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