The Red Barn Youth Center is in need of the following items, these items will maintain the integrity of our youth center while offering an abundance of creative, fun and educational activities for our students.  Won’t you please help us fill these needs for a brighter tomorrow for kids here on our Key Peninsula?  Look for our CONTACT INFO below to connect with one of our Program Directors or with the Executive Director.  Thank you!

Needs list for the Red Barn Youth Center: 
This list is to help guide people who want to help with “stuff.” We need these items to help with the delivery of our program. Some of it is big and some of it is small. The idea is that you can pick somethings up when you are out shopping. Gently used items are OK to bring as well. The idea is that it is in working order.
Food: See the Grocery List for the current needs. This list is being updated daily as there are donations continually coming in. We can not say it enough, THANK YOU.
Thanks for all the support! 

Needs list

Clint Rosson, Executive Director
office. (253) 884-1594
cell. (253) 313-6700
15921 84th Street KPN,  Lakebay, WA  98349  Ph: 253.884.1594  Web:
Mailing Address: PO BOX 1032, Vaughn, WA 98394