A Giving Season at the Red Barn

If you passed by the Red Barn this past Saturday evening you may have the hint of Christmas caroler’s.   If you did, it is because the Red Barn was honoring the many wonderful and amazing Red Barn volunteers that are so loving and caring for our teen here on the KP.  They give freely of their time, talents and sometimes patience as they help foster the next generation of youth. “The Red Barn simply would not exist without them”, says Laura Condon, Program Director.

 Laura, along with the Red Barn board of directors, prepared and served a feast to be savored by all. Laura went around the room sharing stories and history of each volunteer, enlightening us with powerful testimonies of a richness found in only those that give of themselves.  It was anything but a ‘Silent Night’ as we had a surprise visit from Frank & Colleen Slater along with Dorene Paterson and Julie Ernesti. This Caroling Quartet literally set the tone for the evening as both young and not so young relished the spirit of the season.

 “We are in need of additional volunteers to help service the Red Barn to help maintain the level and integrity of mentorship we are currently receiving”, says Laura. Please contact us and see why giving is so rewarding, no matter the season: (253) 884-1594

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