‘SPLASH’ Event Soaks Community with Hope

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Livable Fair & Red Barn a good match

[nggallery id=2]The Red Barn youth center participated at the recent Key Peninsula Livable Community Fair on a beautiful Spring day here in the Pacific Northwest.  There were an amazing array of both indoor and outdoor festivities including a dedication to the new pavilion.  Many learned of the dire need for a youth faulty on the KP as we have few after-hours programs to meet the needs of 6-12 graders.  The Red Barn is a safe place for teens to recreate, socialize, find guidance, develop positive relationships and become community minded citizens.  There is no YMCA or Boys & Girls club here for our teens to participate in healthy activities.





Our community needs your support, support of your time and resources so that the Red Barn can open its doors to serve a community in need.  Won’t you help?  You may email Glen Ehrhardt at: windswept.rep@gmail.com to speak about your participation.  You may also give on-line (see home page) as your support matters.


Here are a few photos of the event as see through the eyes of the Red Barn!