Red Barn Youth Center’s Future Look?

Our hope was to have on-site after-school activities at Red Barn Youth Center as we have been able to do for the past 6 years, but with the current school model our normal model no longer works.
As I form a plan for how RBYC can provide support for 6th-12th grade at this time, would you please share your thoughts and comments with me?
Would you send your youth to RBYC? With what parameters?
Would you have transportation to get them here/ home?
What times would work best for your family?
What are ways we can help you?
Thank you,
Kellie Bennett
253-439-9680 call/ text

Program Year End Surveys

Hello Red Barn Center Families and Youth,
If you haven’t yet taken these surveys, would you please do so? They provide us with necessary data for our grant requests/ reports.

RBYC Update & End-of-the School Year Surveys

Red Barn Youth Center Families!

Congratulations on making it to summer! I hope you and your family are healthy and finding creative ways to get through this strange time in our lives.

The emptiness of Red Barn Youth Center the past 3 months has been really hard. We’ve missed spending time with your student and wish it all had turned out differently! Please reach out to Susan or I if you need anything – don’t forget all of the games and books and craft supplies and clothing from Red Barn’s shelves are still available for you to borrow/ have! 

Susan moved all garden operations to her property, so we will still have fresh vegetables in the months ahead. The grounds have been maintained by Susan her husband Ray and by Jim Anders. High schoolers from Peninsula High School weeded the front area in mid-June and it looks great!

Red Barn Youth Center is continuing to reach out to donors to ensure Red Barn will be financially stable when we are able to open our doors to students. I’ve been attending a lot of Zoom meetings, getting some education certification hours, and continuing to check the building and grounds regularly. 

Our plan is to follow the school opening schedule, as well as their health and safety guidelines. We want to have August events on-site, but it will depend on whether we move into Phase 3. Watch our Facebook page for Event notices. 

If you don’t know, Susan and Ray have been bringing vegetables and fruit from Eastern Washington farmers here to the KP! Prices are great and the produce has been delicious! Learn about it at Key Pen Produce Express on Facebook. Pick up is in the Red Barn Youth Center parking lot. 

I’m asking for your help in two different ways:

Are you a BECU member? A grant just opened & Red Barn would love to be nominated! Hint, hint! Our grant writer has some soundbites ready for you if you need help! 🙂
Please fill out the applicable “Year-End Survey.” These surveys provide us with necessary data for our grant requests/ reports.
RBYC Youth:

RBYC Family Member:

Thank you for allowing us to be a small part of your family’s life! We look forward to seeing you in the months ahead.

Kellie Bennett

Executive Director

c 253-439-9680 o 253-884-1594

A New Year With New Ideas and Memories


September and October of 2016
have been absolutely wonderful! With new and returning students around, the Red Barn has managed to grow immensely over just two months! With a new Executive Director, and two new staff members, new ideas are hard to miss! Here are a few photos that have been taken over the few months of the new school year. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!
October pumpkin painting

October pumpkin painting

Pumpkins from the garden out back

Pumpkins from the garden out back



Fun with friends

Fun with friends

Red Barn Youth Center

Red Barn Youth Center

Red Barn pumpkin

Red Barn pumpkin

Key Peninsula Youth Activities

Key Peninsula Youth Activities

Red Barn Shares Banner Night with PHS

The Red Barn Youth Center shared yet another gala evening, this night it was Peninsula High School families.  The weather was perfect and the atmosphere soared to new heights.  The Peninsula School District was once again out in full force in support of such a necessary addition for after-hours programs for teens here on the KP.  The Red Barn will open for the first time September 3rd, 4th and 5th.
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Red Barn Hosts KPMS ‘Open House’

Tuesday night the Red Barn Youth Center hosted KPMS families with an ‘Open House’ event.  They were treated to an amazing night of fun, food, music along with an array of awesome giveaways throughout the evening.  The night concluded with a drawing for the grand prize- a 32″ Vizio flat screen TV!  In preparation for the Grand Opening September 3rd, 4th and 5th; KPMS was the spotlight of the night.
Wednesday night the Red Barn will play host to Peninsula High School families for the same wonderful event and drawings for many cool items and, once again, a 32″ Vizio flat screen TV will be given away!  Parents and students are encouraged to come and participate as dinner is on us!  Come see what your teens and our community has in store for the future.  Meet the new ‘Program Directors’ and see just another reason why the Red barn is so special!
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‘SPLASH’ Event Soaks Community with Hope

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New Program Directors ‘LIVE’ at KGHP Radio