Greg’s Art Teaches Air-Brush Painting

Yep, just another day at the Red Barn- Food, kids, games, fun, excitement!  Oh yea… a day filled with a special visit from Greg sharing his magical talent of airbrush painting.  Greg shared his wonderful gift with teens eager to understand and learn more about this unique talent so freely shared!
Life at the ‘The Barn’ continues to grow in foundation as our teens are served healthy snacks, offered help with homework, sharing in a wide array of games and are mentored by the most loving and caring volunteers- “The volunteers are the heart and sole oh this outreach and so valued and appreciated by all”, says one of our program directors Laura Condon.  “Seeing these kids in a joyful place, secure and happy makes my job all worth while”!
“We are pleased with the level of attendance and the general feel of our newly opened youth center”, say Jeremy Schintz, our other program director.   “We learn more everyday of how to better serve and fit the needs of our teens here on the KP, and what an awesome responsibility and opportunity for us to serve the community for something so sorely needed”, Schintz adds.
If you would like to consider volunteering please call (253) 884-1954 and speak directly with Laura or Jeremy, see where you can plug-in and help make a difference.  Life at the ‘The Barn’ is good, come and see for yourself!
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