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The process of opening Red Barn Youth Center has been both fun and challenging.  A parallel process took place as a vision and plan was formulated by a steering committee and a workable facility was sought.  An excellent facility was found, but a significant renovation was required.  Extensive demolition work and repairs were needed.  The facility required all new plumbing, electrical, and low voltage wiring.  There were extensive fire protection requirements such as a fire wall, a sprinkler system, and an alarm system.  

Development has been conducted in two major phases.  Phase 1 involved development of a common room with stool counter seating with a coffee lounge atmosphere.  There is additional booth seating and a large open area for tables, chairs and flexible program options.  This portion of the facility will be used for an after school drop in center with opportunities for youth to chat and be involved in study sessions.  There will be opportunity to participate in other activities, as well, such as lessons to learn to play musical instruments.   Completion of this phase was done through public donations from local businesses and many private parties.  Grant writing was done on a very limited basis.

Phase 2 incorporates a larger multi-purpose area.  This area will be utilized for a wide variety of activities such as concerts, play productions, arts, guest speakers. and outside group rentals. On the grounds outside the facility building planned activities include a community garden area, court games such as pickle-ball, and volleyball, a climbing wall, a barbecue area, and a fire pit.  Phase 2 will be completed through donations, a robust grant writing program, and volunteer opportunities such as through a partnership with Habitat for Humanity.  Funding for these capital projects will include grants and foundations, individual giving, donations from area churches and businesses, and special events


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