Red Barn Hosts Altrusa International

Nancy Hohenstein, Pat Jones and Jan Rinker share a visit and tour with Laura Condon and Glen Ehrhardt of the newly opened Red Barn Youth Center. The vision for Altrusa International District, Twelve is to be a leader among International organizations, improving communities worldwide through a membership network.

Their mission is to provide support to clubs and the International organization by encouraging service, stimulating growth, communicating information, and promoting leadership to Clubs and members.  We look forward to many future years of supporting our youth here on the Key Peninsula.
How fortunate we are to have such wonderful support for our Red barn effort as well as the Key Peninsula and surrounding community.  This is a power-punched group and they are a wonderful asset- Thank you team Altrusa!
Altrusa group
Our kinds crafted several renditions of the colorful Red Barn through their artistic eyes.  The Red Ban had now been open now for its first full month, so Happy Anniversary to us! We still seek volunteers to help mentor and lead with our young teens, it is so rewarding. If you have the time please donate it will you? The Red Barn needs you.
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